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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev to Present at the MuchMusic Awards

Photo Credit: Brandon Todd/Splash News
Nina and Ian attending yet another event together is very promising. Maybe they’ll finally admit that they’re together, and we can stop playing this are-they-or-aren’t-they guessing game.
If you’re going through Ian Somerhalder (Damon) withdrawal (guilty as charged), you’re in luck. The hunky actor will be gracing the MuchMusic Awards 2011 stage June 19th! Yesss!

But if that’s not enough to get you excited (who are you?), on-screen (and off-screen?) lover Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) will be joining him in the land of our northern neighbors as another MuchMusic presenter. Bonus: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Black Keys, and Simple Plan are all scheduled to perform.

This definitely adds to the speculation that these two are totally dating. Attached at the hip, much?

If you’re a Canadian resident, you can catch the June 19 show live on MuchMusic at 9:00 p.m. ET. For those of you stateside, Fuse will broadcast all the musical hotness.

Source: Much Music

Who’s Leaving Mystic Falls & Rosewood For Tha T.Dot June 19th?

His smouldering eyes are heading to the MMVAs! Come June 19th Ian Somerhalder AKA the baddest vampire in town will be taking the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards stage!
Go ahead. Mess yourself.

But The Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore won’t be arriving alone. We’ll all be watching for clues whether that innocent kiss in the season finale was just a little bit guilty as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce AKA NINA DOBREV (and fellow Canuck!) will be presenting at the MMVAs too!
Yes, it’s okay if you messed yourself twice. It happens.

I hope you’re wearing a diaper for this one. Guess which Pretty Little Liar is leaving Rosewood for Toronto?
Canada’s very own SHAY MITCHELL AKA Emily Fields will be hitting up the T.Dot! We’ll make sure we keep a close eye on her every time she checks her phone – “A” won’t be able to screw with her while she’s lighting up our red carpet! No word yet on if she’s bringing Maya, Paige, Samara…boy, does this gal know how to play the field!

Are you psyched yet! We’re totally psyched! Come on June 19th – GET HERE ALREADY!!!