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20 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the MMVAs

Only 20 more days until the MuchMusic Video Awards are live and in yo face! Lady Gaga, Avril Lavinge and City and Colour are coming back, bigger and better than ever to perform on the MMVA stage. First timers the Black Keys and Bruno Mars are going to show us all they’ve got when they have their debut sets at Queen and John in the heart of Toronto. And of course we can’t forget about our amazing co-host Selena Gomez who will be wekin’ the stage like only she can!
While there are way more than 20 reasons why we’re excited for the 2011 MMVAs, we thought we’d narrow the list down so that our computer doesn’t break (with 20,000,000 reasons).
20. Wristband lineups are the only time of the year you get to camp in the coolest city in the world.
19. Let’s face it – Sunday nights are the worst for 51 weeks of the year.
18. You can win $10,000 just by watching the MMVAs. Keep that little diddity in your back pocket when your parents tell you to turn off the TV and do your homework.
17. Stuff like this happens.
16. Avril Lavigne is performing. Not only is her new album soooo dope, but if MMVA history has taught us antyhing there is a good chance we’ll see some booty.
15. Blog, blog, fashion baby. 
14. We would lay down some serious cash to bet that at some point during one of the performances, someone’s bra is going to s’plode.
13. We don’t use seat fillers. We use scream fillers.
12. The MMVAs might be one night, but we’ll have pictures, interviews and exclusive footage for you for weeks – starting now!
11. First time NKOTB reunited? First time Lady Gaga unveiled her fireworks bra? First time Pauly D took off his shirt on TV? Okay, for the most part we have a lot of ‘firsts’.
10. Hot tubs. Tanks. School buses. Ice cream trucks. Motorcycle gangs. Giant sandwiches. We roll up to the red carpet like no other show.
9. The MMVAs are live. Crazy ish could go down.
8. All your fave stars from sports to TV to music to movies in one spot!
7. Rain plan? It’s called ‘The Show Goes On!’ plan.
6. Have you ever seen a ‘boring’ Lady Gaga performance? Us neither.
5. You get to vote – now find out who wins!
4. Selena. Gomez. Hawt.
3. If you’re not watching then Twitter will make no sense to you on June 19.
2. No one wants to be the one person that didn’t see the biggest show of the year.
1. Have you ever seen that MMVAs? Yea, that’s why we’re excited!