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How to Cut a Faux Hawk

The world of fashion evolves constantly. Hairstylists keep coming up with different types of haircut styles and ideas. Depending on your sense of style or fashion, you could pick a hairdo that suits your personality, or for that matter, your lifestyle. When it comes to men's hairdos, there are countless hairstyling options. Some of the haircuts might look somewhat bizarre, but that's all a matter of choice. Take for instance, Mohawk hairstyle, which became very popular during 1980s. This was definitely not a mainstream hairstyle, but with time, a subtle variation of Mohawk has evolved. Faux hawk, also known as fake/pseudo mohawk or fohawk, is definitely considered to be one of the most trendy hairstyles for men. Many Hollywood celebrities and hot models can be seen sporting this trendy hairdo. Though this hairdo is a popular men's hairstyle, but these days women can also be seen donning a faux hawk haircut. Hairstylists have come up with various ways to style faux hawk for women and men. If you wish to style your hair in this hairdo and are wondering how to cut a faux hawk, go through this information on faux hawk hairstyle.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Before I guide you on how to cut a faux hawk, let me tell you how a faux hawk is different from Mohawk hairstyle. For styling one's hair in a Mohawk, hair has to be shaved off while leaving behind just a strip of hair in the center. This strip of hair extended right from the hairline in the front to the nape of the neck. This strip of hair is spiked and can also be colored to give a bold look. This was definitely one of the most dramatic punk hairstyles for men. Faux hawk is the transition of this punk hairstyle into a mainstream hairstyle for men. Well, faux hawk is a toned down version of Mohawk. For styling your hair in a faux hawk, all you need to do is use clippers to cut short hair at the sides and keep longer hair at the center. Unlike Mohawk, the hair at the sides don't need to be shaved off. So, you can spike up your hair in this trendy hairdo when you are out having fun and comb them down when you need to go for work. Isn't that cool! I am sure you might be wondering how to cut faux hawk by now. So here's all you need to know on how to cut a short faux hawk properly.

How to Style your Hair in a Faux Hawk

Now that you know what faux hawk haircut is, let's talk about how to cut a faux hawk. Faux hawk for men works really well for those who have short hair. If the hair on the sides is long, you will need to learn how to cut a faux hawk with clippers. First of all, you will need to decide the width and thickness of your faux hawk, make sure you measure the width when your hair is dry. After that, shampoo your hair and let them air dry. Comb your hair and make sure that you disentangle them. Now you need to take the hair in the middle section as per the width you decided, and tie them using a rubber band. Once you have trimmed your hair with scissors, you can get your hands on the clippers and cut some of your hair from the sides. Before you start cutting your hair with clippers, make sure that your hair is completely dry.

After that, you need to trim the hair in the middle. When you do that, make sure that they are longer than the hair at the sides. Now get your hands on a hair gel and apply it to spike the hair in the middle. Wasn't that simple! Now that you know how to style a faux hawk, you can create different looks by varying the length of hair on the sides and the center. You can use hair color ideas to spice up your look. As I mentioned earlier, both men and women can style their hair in this funky hairdo. Faux hawk hairstyles for women are also very much in vogue these days. Those who have curly hair can also style their hair in a faux hawk, but for styling faux hawk for curly hair, they will have to straighten their hair first.

This was some information on how to cut a faux hawk. Now that you know how to cut a faux hawk, you can style your hair in this funky hairstyle whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Sport this trendy hairdo and be ready to get compliments!