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Hipster Haircuts for Men 2011

How to Get a Hipster Haircut for Men?

A haircut is quick way to add more to the hipster style. There are many ways to cut your hair into a cool new hipster hairstyle. However, if you like some natural looking hairstyles, which are the original hair styles of hipster culture then use these ideas.

To carry natural hairstyles you don't have to necessarily cut the hair. But, getting some layers can help. So, first let your hair grow. Natural hairstyles look good when the hair give an overgrown appearance. So, let your hair grow long for few months. When your hair are growing and you don't know what to do with them, then consider tying half of the top hair into a tie back style. Make a pony or braid and wear the hair in a half-tied fashion. Once your hair have overgrown cut them in few layers. Get some side bangs too if possible. Then wet your hair apply a hair styling solution to the hair like a spray hair serum or gel. Then tousle your hair and let them dry naturally. Set a few bangs over the forehead and you are good to go.

However, if you want to try some choppy cool new hipster haircuts for men then use these ideas. Get lots of choppy layers in you hair and get a side parting or no parting. Get your hair cut as edgy as possible. If you want get some sweeping side bangs and bangs which cover one of your eye for a cool look. You can also try out your own unique look of Mohawks or faux hawks. For a Mohawk hairstyle the hair on the sides will be shaved off. This gives a dramatic look to the head. But, if you want a more subtle look then go with faux hawk hipster haircuts. In a faux hawk the hair on the sides is cut into short crops, rather than shaving it off. The middle hair is kept longer and cut tapering. If you have long hair then consider letting grow the middle band of the hair long. Then tie it in a ponytail for a cool look.

One of the most popular hipster haircut for men is the mullet. But, avoid getting the typical mullet hairstyle. Try a fresh new modern mullet. For this style mix up some styles. Get a faux hawk cut on the crown and then two side cuts on each side of the head. Keep the back hair long and cut into a mullet. This style looks good and allows you to carry your hair long. If you have long hair then you can also get dreadlocks. Short or long dreads both look good. But, medium dreads are more popular. So, consider styling your hair into dreadlocks.

This was all about hipster hairstyles for men. So, go to a stylist and get a cool new hipster haircut. Make sure you maintain the style by getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. Also, keep your hair in good condition by regularly washing and conditioning it.