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Fade Haircut

Fade haircut is one of the most easy-to-maintain men's hairstyles. All types of fade haircuts are extremely masculine and quintessential for men. They came to fame in the mainstream fashion during early 90's, but they originated and became popular amongst the African American youth since 20th century. Fade haircut styles that we tend to see today are an aggressive and shorter version of the original fade haircuts. However, they are really very popular amongst men and women of all ages. Since fade hairstyles bear remarkably less length, they are extremely easy to maintain. This is the reason why they are so much popular amongst men. It is also the reason why some versions of the fade haircuts are selected to be the official haircut of the US arm forces. More on haircut styles and ideas.

Fade Haircut Styles

Fade haircuts are one of the most requested types of haircuts in barber shops across the world. A fade haircut is performed with help of an electric hair clipper and a comb. Fade hairstyles are very versatile and one can style them in a number of ways. It is the biggest reason why they are so much popular when it comes to men's hairstyles. A fade haircut is shorter at the nape and at the back of the head. While the length of the hair gets gradually increased towards the crown and at the front of the head. A fade haircut is extremely short at the sides of the head and has longer hair at the top of the head. Length of the hair actually depends upon the wearer of the fade haircut. If you wish to bear longer hair, then you can easily incorporate various long or short Mohawk hairstyles for men with the fade hair. More on punk hairstyles.

Types of Fade Haircuts

Types of fade haircut depend on the length of the hair that you want to maintain. According to it, there are numerous types of fade haircuts. One of the most popular fade haircuts is the low fade haircut. The low fade haircut sports scalps length shaved hair around the sides and the back of the head and the hair at the top of the head are either given a spiky look or a short Mohawk look. Length of the hair at the crown entirely depends upon you. Sometimes the low fade hairstyles is combined with blended fade haircut. Another type of fade haircut is the high fade haircut, which is also called as hi-top fade. This type of fade hairstyles is not much popular amongst the youth, as it lacks geometric precision. More on short haircuts.

Nonetheless, you can find a few interesting modifications in the high fade haircuts. Some of them include high and tight and buzz cut. High and tight is more popular as the hairstyle for the US Marine Cops. In the high and tights, hair at the sides and back of the head are extremely short and shaved up to the crown. There is not much of a blending done between the sides and the crown of the head. Typically, hair at the crown are not more than ¼ inch in length. However, you can always do a few personal variations with the high and tight. For instance, you can incorporate length as well as blending at the sides of the head. The buzz haircut on the other hand, is also considered to be one of the fade haircuts. Brad Pitt flaunted one of the best buzz cut hairstyles for quite a while, if you remember. More on fade hairstyles.

The best fade haircuts of them all, are the taper fade haircuts. They are the most attractive men's hairstyles as well. You need to do only a few modifications to the basic fade haircut, if you want to get the taper fade haircut. Taper fade emphasizes on longer hair at the crown that get shorter at the back of the head. Hair are cut and given a tapered end. This way, you can create the desired number of taper lines on your scalp. Fade haircut designs is not a new concept. You can get almost any kind of designs 'engraved' on your scalp, with help of the same electric clipper. The difficulty level of these designs entirely depend on the skill of the hairstylist. Some of the other haircut styles can easily be incorporated with the fade haircut. They are - Caesar cut, medium fade cut, burr cut, ivy league cut, etc.

Fade haircuts don't require any special hair care drills and hence, they are easy to maintain as well. On this note, I conclude this article about fade haircut. I hope you found it knowledgeable!