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  • pmz
    Apr 4, 09:51 AM
    I hate AT&T with a passion. Yet, I'd never switch to Verizon because I'm hooked on 3Mbps + speeds. They're the crack of carriers.

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  • Mord
    Sep 24, 08:24 PM

    But there are many many reasons they would have a problem with that. The most predominant reason would probably be... Dare I say it... Religion.

    i asked for a REAL reason.

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  • 840quadra
    Apr 28, 08:12 AM
    2011 NAIAS Detroit Michigan


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  • mex4eric
    Mar 25, 01:30 PM
    Why not? The USA for example has only 4 million miles of roads. A car with driver + passenger + some decent equipment should be able to map say 10 miles per hour, at a cost of $50 per hour. 200 cars for a year, that's 20 million dollars. And then you have a database that you can sell, and that you can use everywhere. Then write an iPhone app that lets users make corrections, lets businesses add their locations etc. and you are ready.

    As a driver in North America, rather than just the US, let's make that an extra million miles to include Canada and Mexico. Canada seems well served by most map services but Mexico is not. Most map services seem to leave out gas stations in Mexico, a rather basic need.


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  • Peterkro
    Feb 14, 05:05 PM
    Something that has occoured to me, is there is a missing feature on this forum. It's a feature that I have only ever seen on GameFAQs, but have never seen anywhere else.

    The marking system. Basically, each post has a button on it, that when you click it, you go to a page where you can "mark" a message, You can mark it for spamming, flaming, etc... There is a variety of options. Anyway, once you have marked it, it goes into a todo list for the mods. They can then review this message, and remove it or change it.

    Basically, it allows people to easily inform the mods if there is a bad post. Currently, you have to PM the mods. This makes it easier. Oh, and if you abuse the system, you get punished.

    Anouther feature from GameFAQs, is the Karma system, which ties in with the mod system. Basically, when you get moderated, you loose Karma. And you gain one Karma per day, as long as you have at least one active post.

    I suppose I've only seen these features at GameFAQs, because it is the scurge of all earth. And I love it.

    MacRumors in the most friendly fourm on the internet, but GameFAQs has a wide variety of topics. It's the birthplace of many interesting things. Like the unholy trinity... Don't ask.
    Slashdot was the original and best.

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  • Clive At Five
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    Acting is hard. [...]

    And teaching is easy??

    So what do you have against teachers making more? If teachers made more competitive salaries, there would be more competition for teaching jobs, thus leading to better quality teachers, ultimately resulting in better education.

    I'd rather spend an extra $100/yr for better teachers rather than helping to pay for Tom Cruise's 39 estates.



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  • NY Guitarist
    Apr 30, 07:37 PM
    Die Mobile Me - DIE DIE DIE. Anything will be better than the self centered sounding @me.com. I simply will not use the email address in a professional context. Don't mind @Mac.com, and still use it, but @me.com sends the wrong message.

    While I don't feel as strongly as you I have to agree. The original mac.com had a significant feel to it.

    Me.com sounds frivolous.

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  • milbournosphere
    Aug 14, 04:41 PM
    Those boobs are so fake. Audrina's boobs aren't even that big ! I don't think they're so much fake as they are heavily airbrushed. Although I guess that still is a level of fake:)


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  • lanthom
    Apr 28, 09:28 AM
    Not the right reason...

    This is. People who are or were with Verizon are now:

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 20, 12:31 PM
    I send out a lot of resumes but no real nibbles yet.

    Don't send out resumes. Put together a portfolio and arrange a meeting.

    Tell them you're the best thing since sliced bread, and you'll do anything (almost ;)) to prove it to them. I wouldn't give a resume a second glance, but could easily spend 15 minutes looking over an aspiring designer's work.

    If your work is good and you present it and yourself well, it should be enough to get your foot in the door somewhere. Be prepared to discuss your decision making process in detail.


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  • jsmooves
    Apr 19, 11:34 AM
    Tweet deck is not working.

    Anyone have any good alternatives to tweet deck for twitter facebook integration.

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  • jsw
    Feb 12, 03:20 PM
    I hope this doesn't signal the end of edesign's stabs at newbies with comical macros :(.That torch has been passed to you, Wes. Time to start making some macros....


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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Oct 9, 02:55 PM
    Here is mine. http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelthegeek/5065805210/

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  • maflynn
    Dec 22, 10:43 AM
    Some people obviously don't know the cost of staff downtime. Each day, how much longer does it take windows computer to boot up than a Mac? Minutes longer. Add that up over every single work day. Then add the anti-virus scans, annoying pop ups, etc.
    I support PCs and servers in my job, along with Macs as we're a mixed shop.

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt what you put down has little basis in reality. Yes, windows machines take longer to boot up, but not always because of the the antivirus software.

    They take longer because IT (me and my co workers) we make sure that group policies are pushed out on every reboot, so the machines are fairly locked down. We also push out updates to software automatically and also yes do virus scans.

    For IT to take macs serious, they will need to easily apply group policies to the computer remotely and automatically. Have applications available that allows them to update client applications.

    The cost of such is generally to a degree that makes using macs not feasible.

    btw, I get just as many calls regarding problems with macs as I do with PCs. In fact many enterprise applications have some major compatibility issues with Safari.

    Total Cost of Ownership, up time, training support and efficiencies all point to using PCs over a Mac.

    Just because apple fanboys say its cheaper in the long run means its true, quite the opposite. Asset depreciation of Macs is the same as PCs, so there's no financial incentive for a business to hold on to a mac longer then a PC, and actually its negative to hold on to an asset when its fully depreciated even if its still functional. This throws the idea that macs last longer out the door when dealing with business and depreciation

    So why buy a computer that costs 2x more then another, has less ability to support/manage remotely. Has the same level of support required, i.e., support calls for users who need help, has some serious compatibility issues with some enterprise applications and also requires a fair amount of re-training for both the users and support staff.


    wallpaper of babies. wallpaper cute abies. cute
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  • JaSuS
    Apr 7, 11:29 AM
    That's a crock - you and most who have any sort of idea about what's going on know it.

    They would not be spending so much time doing everything they can to stop the possibility of jailbreak if they didn't care "Jasus" is jailbreaking.

    Despite what anyone wants to argue, jailbreaking means piracy to those who care at Apple - plain and simple.

    Oh you're so smart...thank you.

    "When the app store learns to accept international credit card I will surely stop jail breaking"

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  • jmy2469
    Apr 11, 05:52 PM
    Thanks! Oops,thought I did. I'll move it


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  • lewis82
    Dec 1, 06:10 PM

    As always, courtesy of interfacelift.com :)

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 17, 03:08 PM
    Soylent Cocoa, now there's a thought, if we kill old Blacks first. :rolleyes:

    There is a reason I said it would make us monsters :rolleyes:

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  • notjustjay
    Mar 21, 12:35 PM
    I would agree that you should start raising your rates to attract a higher calibre of clientele. If you have existing clients that you enjoy working with that you don't want to annoy by suddenly raising your prices on them, you can always offer them a "preferred client" rate or some such.

    As for the annoying micromanaging client, perhaps that's when you set up something like WordPress and pass it along for them to update themselves?

    I'm also curious as to the rule against working for religious organizations. (I'm not a designer for hire, but I do a lot of design and web work for a charity I volunteer with, which is indeed a religious organization). Is it because they're always on the cheap? Are they more demanding than your usual clients? Help us avoid making the classic mistakes :)

    Feb 9, 12:34 PM
    And since we're not touching the data plan, those of us with the grandfathered unlimited data plan will still get to keep the unlimited data plan, n'est pas?

    Mar 11, 06:03 PM
    I was like 60th in line at Tyce's corner, as I was about to finally enter the shop we were told all 16 and 64 GB black AT&T are sold out ....
    2 hrs of queuing in the freezing cold for very poor marketing and logistics ... I should have learned my lesson !

    Feb 15, 08:39 AM
    Wow. Some of the most exciting non-"Apple product release" news in months, and it happens while I'm too busy with real work to keep up with the boards. Figures. :rolleyes:

    At any rate, congrats to all the new Mods (and even the mod mini :)). Excellent picks all the way around. It'll be nice to have the broader online coverage that overseas Mods will bring.

    edesignuk, while I'll miss some of your more "entertaining" postings, even a toned down you is quite a bit of personality. Of course, now I won't have a chance to laugh at the "free iPod" morons in the morning, as you will have Wasted them before I get on. Small price.

    bousozoku, Nermal, and WinterMute are all great choices. I have enjoyed their advice, wisdom, humor and observations in the few months I've been on MR. I have no doubt they will serve as great Mods.

    There, that ought to be enough brown-nosing to start. Now, to go online and order four of those fancy massaging chair inserts....

    Apr 20, 11:06 PM
    In 5 years time, Kindle OS will have a greater market share than android I think.

    Kindle will be using android for its OS before 5 years. You can bank on that. Why do you think amazon has their own android app store?

    Oct 9, 05:25 PM
    I though this was an upgrade from Tweetie 1 and now i have to pay again for the same app :mad:

    Not the same app, totally new app.