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  • Moyank24
    Apr 27, 10:53 AM
    Something I like, times two.

    Next question please.

    Yes sir, you in the balcony, with your pants around your ankles.

    Bruised egos? How quaint.

    The male having a bruised ego because a lesbian isn't interested in him is just as cliche as the man-hating lesbian. I was being a bit sarcastic.

    I've actually met that kind of lesbian, at first I thought I was being trolled. The sane lesbians probably don't get seen because they are too busy being normal.

    With your beliefs, they probably weren't man haters, just a you hater. Maybe I surround myself with rare lesbians, but I haven't met one yet that hated men. Some of my best friends are men. ;)

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 27, 12:59 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't hate Apple, just many of the things they do. Most Apple products I love.

    Then I would suggest you learn to rephrase your statements, because you come across as a clear Apple hater.

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  • Philberttheduck
    Sep 26, 09:55 PM
    Hmm.. sounds like .Mac won't be free til after '07. :(

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  • JasperJanssen
    Apr 30, 03:52 AM
    It will never be. EU adds specific tax to all products so unless apple puts a factory somewhere in the EU it won't change.

    Uh, no. The difference in price between the US and the EU is the VAT or equivalent, which means that they will have to charge that for production isnide the EU just as well.

    The biggest difference is that in the US it's easier to get an iPhone on contract and then skip out on the contract. *That* makes a significant difference. 600 euros including VAT or 600 dollars excluding sales tax, not so much.


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  • charlesbronsen
    Jan 12, 01:58 PM
    Haven't listened to them for quite some and accidentally stumbled upon their new LP "There Is No Enemy". Damn did I miss these guys. I loaded the new album on my iPod for a quick listen for my 5min hike to the store. Well I ended up walking around for like 45mins totally spaced and only came to when the cd ended. All in all, good walk - great cd.;)

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  • owengot
    Mar 23, 08:59 AM
    I'll always remember Serlet for his hilarious presentation of Mac OS X Tiger at WWDC.. "Redmond, start your photocopiers" :)


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  • HexMonkey
    Apr 1, 04:08 AM
    Are your additions to Intel iBook (Rumored) really necessary? They're mostly just repeating what's already been stated earlier in the article, and are misleadingly definitive for a rumor.

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  • jakljiri
    Apr 3, 12:40 PM
    I have bought new battery (original apple) and after full charging it can�t work on battery power. Powerbook shut down directly with disconecting of power cord. The same ocurs with older battery still working in other PB. New battery work normaly in other PB.



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  • cwelsh
    Apr 21, 03:25 PM
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method MacRumorsForumPostRateDB::GetPostRate() in /home/mrforums/public_html_forums/includes/class_postbit.php(265) : eval()'d code on line 24

    just thought i'd let you guys know.

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  • abc123
    Nov 4, 04:42 AM
    i love these threads, i always find so many useful things.
    aps that i use everyday are:
    sidetrack: i don't know what i'd do without it. i hear that next revision we will start having to pay for it though.
    adium: the only way i've managed to get both aim and msn file transfers to work + it looks amazing
    menu calendar: i believe that while it is not free for full features you can still use the basic ones without paying. i've somehow managed to anyway. i really like having the date number in my menubar.
    clear dock: not really needed but i like it
    quicksilver: i can imagine not having this program, it makes life so much easier.
    bytecontroller: control itunes from your menubar
    gcount: gmail notifier
    firefox: i find that it is faster than safari and i've just generally taken a liking to it.

    i think that is about it on the free stuff


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  • Mechcozmo
    Nov 1, 06:23 PM
    Bibliographer (http://www.stanford.edu/~tristanh/bibliographer.html) --this is the best tool for doing Bibliographies. I use it a lot. Very customizable, very easy to learn and use, and runs on anything from OS 8 to OS X to System 7.5.3.

    Every student should have this software... :)

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  • zerocustom1989
    Apr 30, 07:27 PM
    This instantly made me think of Laputa: Castle in the sky as well as the Laputa in gulliver's travels.

    I think apple should go for this over iCloud. It's a brilliant idea to brand a cloud related service as a castle. It just fits. They can even claim that it's "magic as a castle in the sky"


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  • xi mezmerize ix
    Aug 12, 09:23 AM
    Here the two I've added to my rotation in August. I have a total of five that rotate every minute; the other three can be found in the July desktop thread.



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  • Badradio
    Feb 14, 10:25 AM
    I'm on the ball you see ;) :D
    Could this be the end of spam as we know it? Damn... and I was after a new iPod...


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  • MacBacker
    Feb 10, 07:05 AM
    I know that this is out of left field but does anybody know if switiching from a 1400 family plan to a 700 family plan but still paying over $100 in monthly charges affect the yearly updgrade for the primary line.

    I'm looking to downgrade as I have over 7000 roll over minutes and save $20.00 but I wouldn't be worth it if I lose my yearly upgrade.

    You won't lose your upgrade eligibility. I changed mine and my upgrade date is still the same.

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  • Mord
    Sep 24, 07:40 PM
    What don't you get? If some parents don't want them to, then they shouldn't, even if they're 18, its their house, their rules. He can't just do whatever he wants just because he's 18. If he's living at home, living from his parents, the he better not start the whole "I'm 18 screw you I'm an adult" thing or else be faced with what adults have to do. Period.

    but why not? sex is good, and if both consent to it then their should be no problems as long as they know to be safe ect.


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  • tazhombre
    Feb 8, 09:22 AM
    nice! Can you please post the original wallpaper?

    I believe this is what you seek


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  • iBlue
    Dec 27, 01:09 PM
    well it was made just like the original http://www.avalanchejournal.com/images/logos/apple_logoLR.jpg

    :confused: "old school" isn't a bad thing ;)

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  • Iam-AT-Work
    Apr 6, 02:13 PM
    My first mac had 1.2 GB Hard drive. The Power Mac 7500

    meh, my first HD was 52MB that .052GB or .000052TB or .000000052PB :D

    Old Tony
    Apr 28, 03:37 AM
    Cheap asian bootleg, I'd say...

    Jan 9, 11:36 PM
    "meh" is the word that comes to mind.

    Nov 11, 09:52 AM
    With that short reply Dustyn is now armed with all of the information he needs to make a long-term purchasing decision at his post production facility.

    The tag line "Sent from my iPad" contains more information than the reply itself.


    !� V �!
    Apr 27, 08:19 PM
    Waste of bandwidth. Move on. :apple:

    Considering the cell phone companies deploy a similar stance to locate people for emergency purposes and cell tower switching.

    Feb 9, 06:59 PM
    And this is why we wanted competition Mr Jobs. They battle and we all win.

    Jobs didn't want that. He wanted the several million dollars in kickbacks that AT&T gave Apple from AT&T's customers' monthly cell phone bills.