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  • Doctor Q
    Sep 27, 09:05 PM
    I just posted my SETI@home benchmark results in Mac Forums > Mac Discussion > Distributed Computing.

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  • Fiveos22
    Sep 27, 08:56 AM
    I'm hoping to see those OpenGL improvements significantly boost my Quake 1 fps on my MacBook.

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  • mingoglia
    Apr 16, 03:51 PM
    Yea unless he's awarded another Pulitzer that is... :rolleyes:

    Apple is really disgusting me with this $#*(%&*( behavior. They really need to completely reevaluate their criteria and make it CRYSTAL EFFING CLEAR what IS and was IS NOT acceptable and then stand by it. None of this 'reject Google Voice because it duplicates functionality' and then 'approve the Opera web browser'. Reject an APP because it 'ridicules public figures' and then plead that the author to resubmit it once he's awarded a Pulitzer...

    This wishy washy crap is really showing everyone just how UNDERHANDED they treat the whole process.

    x2 of what you said.... you verbalized what I was trying to say a lot better than I. :o

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  • baummer
    Sep 17, 03:30 AM
    Ask her if you can mount your drive on her desktop.


    LOL. Seriously, just ask!! You've got nothing to lose. If they say no, it's their loss.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Feb 27, 07:04 AM
    I wonder what this means for being able to install virtual servers on Parallels and the like?

    For one thing it will be cheaper. Family Pack vs having to pay $500 per copy. I hope Apple doesn't cripple it.

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  • blenderxgrid
    Oct 2, 05:31 PM
    I've been working in my spare time on creating a distrubted computer system based on Xgrid to render Blender 3D projects. It works well on my local LAN, but in the last week I've started to expand it to allow others to connect. So far the Grid has 10.6 Ghz registered to it via internet users.

    Blender 3D is Opensource and supported on many platforms including Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, OSX, and Windows. The major draw back is thus far only macintosh users have been able to connect and process jobs.

    I've tried using windows boxes connecting through an opensource JAVA client and then do connect to the grid and accept tasks, but output an error stating "Blender could not be found at current location" or something to that effect. Basically I figure that blender has to be in the same place on all the machines.

    I haven't gotten any Linux/BSD users to try the system yet, but there were some sucesses on local grids with Linux machines connenting and rendering works.

    Help and advice are sorely welcome. You can check out www.blenderxgrid.com for more information.

    So far, I've gotten users to connect to the grid, but the controller is not distrubting out tasks to those agents. They are just shown as "unavailable". And am advancing beyond my technical expertise here, so help and ideas will be welcome.

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  • rgomez
    Sep 28, 10:46 AM
    I have a Mac Pro with that build. I've had no serious problems. The only odd thing is that sometimes when I when I go into date/time preferences dialog and try to change something in there the color wheel spins for a couple of minutes and then the controls in there don't work right. All the other system preferences appear to work normally. I've had no other problems. Even iTunes 7 works fine.

    Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to an update. OS upgrades are always cool.

    Ditto here. I have that build and the only problem I have experienced was yesterday, where I couldn't open Photoshop. It just bounced one time in the Dock and nothing else. I had to restart the machine. But, in the 2-3 weeks I have had my Mac Pro that's the only problem I found.

    Anyway, 10.4.8 looks really interesting :)

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  • mac1984user
    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Does anyone know if this update fixes the issue of Office depositing some 'recovered files' in the trash upon every boot? That was sooo annoying. Every time I booted, I'd have to empty the trash. Other people had the same issue, but there wasn't a proper solution. One Microsoft employee just said, 'it's safe to empty your trash.' That's not the solution we're looking for! Why are random files being generated in the trash in the first place?! Sorry. =)

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  • drinu89
    Mar 28, 08:19 AM
    This confirms that iOS 5 will be previewed in June and not in April like past years...

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  • CanadaRAM
    Nov 22, 11:10 AM
    I remember reading either here or on Appleinsider that if this goes well enough, they can use this chip to replace batteries. The thing with that is, if we take away the battery, where does the original power come from?

    From a heat source such as a butane flame or other combustion.
    We're talking two different applications here
    1) recover some waste heat from the CPU back to electricity
    2) generate electricity by applying a much higher heat source to one side of the thing - as a potential replacemenmt for batteries, fuel cells, etc.

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  • bwaltens
    Mar 11, 08:52 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Does anyone know what is going on at the southlake store? I will get there at ~1:20

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  • kiljoy616
    Mar 23, 02:57 PM
    ...it worked reliably from my Mac Mini (2010) to my iPad 2 without saying "you are not authorized to play this video" every other time, I would care.

    Work perfect with both my appletv 2 and my Zeppelin Air and except for a stutter here or there for a second or two I have found the technology easy to use and stable. :) Over burden wifi.

    I love to see more of this technology implemented, my nice ipad 1;) has apple lossless albums in it and the music coming out sound great. It still just wifi but been able to streem music to anywhere in the house by hooking up an apple airport is also nice.

    Airport with bose speakers upstairs kitchen area :) would not have been possible or as easy as it was before airplay.

    So apple go for it make our lives easier to enjoy.:D

    Now if only apple made itunes run as a service I be double happy.

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  • lordonuthin
    Jun 1, 02:17 PM
    I have noticed that a lot of the new folders (including myself) are folding a lot of points for the team, great to see :)

    I have now hit the 6k red colour for folding :cool: Need some more competition now on the lower score table :p (no point trying to chase the others ;)

    I have noticed there are quite a few new folders on our team "go team" glad to see them and congrats to you for reaching the red zone.

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  • ehoui
    Apr 27, 06:38 PM
    Trump has no moral compass.

    That may be, but that does not excuse one from referring to one's own.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 21, 06:07 PM
    Yeah... a slide out Joy stick! :rolleyes:

    Give me 2 of them and maybe we can talk.

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 24, 04:23 AM
    why isnt my fah using cpu cycles? i dl's the client and started it in sys prefs

    never mind, its going

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  • Sydde
    May 4, 03:57 PM
    Stop projecting the problems that you have with the US political system onto the Canadian one... It seems to me that you are only happy if the people/parties that you like are winning...I did not like it when the Liberals had a majority... Part of the problem that I see with both the NDP and Liberals is that they are too concerned with special interests rather than ordinary Canadians. They pay lip service about being for the common man...
    The problems with the Canadian system are not fundamentally different from the US system. I have a congressional representative who is a decent sort of guy, but he is in the wrong party. He mostly votes the party line because he has to to get re-elected. The system in Canada is a little different, but not significantly.

    As long as I have to live with having a representative who does not represent me, the system is broken. As long as there are winners and losers, the system is broken. This holds for the GWN as well as the temperate-ish south. Until I have an effective voice in government, government is messed up. If you are totally pissed off by what the liberals are doing and have no recourse but to wait it out, the system is broken.

    The Canadian system is marginally better than the US system, but until we address the fundamental flaws of "representative democracy", until everyone has a real voice in government, until there are no winners, both systems will still be broken.

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  • robbieduncan
    Mar 29, 08:07 AM
    They do have different EFFECTIVE focal lengths, dependent on the camera sensor size being used, as your quote agrees.

    They don't and it doesn't. It says you apply the 1.6 crop to EF-s lenses, just like with EF.

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  • sam10685
    Apr 11, 03:18 PM
    Put almost 8 hours in so far. Really enjoying it! Having a really hard time with chapter 2-4. Are you guys finding it hard or is it me?

    Apr 21, 01:29 PM
    I'm hoping that what this will mean is that the new iPhone will be able to do everything the iPad 2 can now do -- especially screen mirroring.

    Mar 10, 10:30 PM
    Classic B&W mountain photography is probably my favorite of all time. I can just stare at Bradford Washburn's photos for days. I think you did really well here and I enjoyed this one for sure. My only complaint is that the right side left me wanting more, like we weren't quite finished with the ridge.

    Thanks for the feedback. It was a challenging mountain to frame as it was the first of many other peaks off to the right. Here is a broader view of Jones Peak and the adjacent peaks to the right... to me this takes away the focus from the alternating snowy/dark areas of Jones Peak, and it also seems unfinished on the right:

    1/640s, f/7.1, 70mm, ISO 100
    EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

    Just for grins, here is a shot of the Collegiate Peaks at 10mm focal length... and it still appears unfinished on the right. :eek: I guess I should have done what my sidekick did and just take a panorama. :)

    1/320s, f/10, 10mm, ISO 100
    10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

    Oct 10, 07:58 PM
    Rick Aristotle Munarriz, of Motley Fool, has a great response to this story...


    Mac Fly (film)
    Oct 26, 08:46 PM
    Yeah but it's still �99 or $99 in the States!!
    AND GMail is still free!

    Oct 26, 07:35 PM
    it was a bit embarrassing to say i was queuing for an operating system!

    Cah! It is the people who asked who should be embarrassed.

    I got there about 5 and about half-way around the block which was good enough to snag a shirt, keyboard and Leopard by about 6.15.

    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    (one machine Leoparded, two to go!)