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nicki minaj cartoon character. LOL - Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

  • LOL - Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

  • stephenli
    Oct 16, 09:39 PM
    Here's what I'm sick and tired of:

    Give me a break.

    good post! can't stop laughting!!!!
    but it proves how we love Apple products, right?

    btw, give me a Powerbook G5 and video iPod in, please :) (and an iPhone in winter 06!!!!)

    nicki minaj cartoon character. freaking cartoon character

  • freaking cartoon character

  • DoFoT9
    Feb 28, 08:47 PM
    I have just figured something out in the server admin app that allows you to modify the services i will upload the images of this after i finnish uploading the rest of the images. this will take some time.

    have you used osx server before?

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  • Nicki Minaj has hopped out of

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 7, 05:13 PM
    Things I have learned from this is Democrats have no balls and really need to grow some..

    GOP as crappy as they are have figured out that they an play hard ball and get what they want with no compromise. Democrates always give. I been saying it for a while Democrats have been needing to dig their heals in.
    honestly i though they should of shut it down in March. Hell Democrats should of passed a budget back in September when they controlled both the House and the Senate.

    This budget crap effects me directly because I want an internship here at NASA and they know they are going to have them. All the budgets have that. Problem is they can not higher and get them until budget is passed. It has been in a holding pattern now for months.

    We need to end this endless holding pattern.

    nicki minaj cartoon character. NICKI MINAJ TELLS ALL


  • PowerFullMac
    Oct 25, 09:40 AM
    I might be there tomorrow not sure yet though... I haven't received word from my inside contact :D so im guessing not. :(

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  • Nicki Minaj poses for this

  • Big D 51
    Apr 24, 08:23 PM
    A screen that would rotate and lay flat on the keyboard. Once in this position, turns into an iPad.

    This was way I can have an 11" laptop and iPad for whichever I am
    Needing to use at the moment without having to carry two machines.

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  • Spread #39;Em: Nicki Minaj Covers

    Dec 27, 08:03 PM
    Why would that make more sense with one city?

    Same reason most online stores don't ship to Nigeria.

    If statistics show problem online fraud areas in a much higher percentage than other cities, it makes sense to temporarily curb it.

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  • How to Draw Nicki Minaj

  • panzer06
    Dec 28, 02:25 PM
    This may just be the beginning. The article in Wired talks about "Data Hogs" and how ATT has been trying to get them to throttle back their usage. How, I don't know. I've been noticing more and more dropped calls on 3G as of late, so much that I have to disable it just to be able to make and complete a call.


    I regularly disable 3G so I can make calls. On long road trips I drive with a Verizon powered WiFi Access Point so I can have data (wifi) and AT&T's Edge network. Way, way, way. way too many dropped calls on 3G. No way to get through a 20 min con call using AT&T's 3G network (though I suspect the iphone itself may cause some of these drops).


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  • being a cartoon character

  • NT1440
    Apr 6, 01:23 PM
    Ever served in the Military?

    That has nothing to do with the hundreds of billions we dump on weapons that don't even get used.

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  • Nicki Minaj Long Curls with

  • anti-microsoft
    Feb 19, 02:00 AM
    What country are you from exactly? Zuckerberg (26) is well above the legal drinking age in the US...

    There is just a slight chance he was being sarcastic.


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  • 2011 Nicki Minaj Billboard

  • e12a
    Nov 21, 06:23 PM
    Wow! what a great concept.

    Pretty much like some hybrid cars getting power from when they brake.

    The fact that it generates its own electricity, yes, but the same principle no. For light to normal braking the electric motor can act as a power generator, harnessing the kinetic energy of the moving wheels. Brake pads are not involved. Its called progressive braking. Brake pads come into play when you brake hard.

    too bad that's not really anything that laptops can do..unless we can attach a generator to the hard drive and use it to charge the battery when it spins down.

    it's an interesting concept to use heat..i wonder how they will do it. No steam engine here.

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  • you as a cartoon character

  • ThugZilla
    Apr 5, 01:48 PM
    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the screen has a blueish tint, which means OLED

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  • Nicki Minaj Is Not a Cartoon,

  • jackirish
    Oct 6, 12:23 PM
    No way in hell. They've already asked their developers to change app resolutions once. 3 screen sizes will never fly with developers.

    99.999% likelihood of this being total nonsense.

    Okay... but look at the Android operating system... they ask developers to adjust their apps to every new Android phone that comes out, because the OS is slightly different depending on the phone. Asking them to change the resolution of their apps is not too big of a deal in comparison.

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  • Nicki is making one of those

  • steve knight
    Apr 8, 10:50 AM
    the thing is the fundamentalists don't want birth control they want woman to breed like rabbits.

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  • Nicki Minaj#39;s style

  • simply258
    Sep 25, 11:08 AM
    Now if we could only get Photoshop and Photoshop elements competitors to go with it. The major advantage adobe has now is the complete package. Lightroom Beta4 is no slouch either.
    would be better if everyone would read the Aperture pages before commenting


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  • cartoon characters,

  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 07:17 PM
    Xgrid and Xsan

    nicki minaj cartoon character. Nicki Minaj Right Through Me

  • Nicki Minaj Right Through Me

  • mikerr
    Apr 21, 09:21 AM
    the iPad will be for normal people when you don't have the sync it.

    all this syncing ********* needs to stop.

    I shouldn't need another computer to use my iPad.

    Makes no sense at all.


    But do you really need to sync it though?

    The apple store will activate it apparently if asked,
    and I can't see people having much problem yet if they haven't synced from day 1.

    So its possible to own an ipad without a computer.

    Only becomes a problem when too many apps require a later OS version

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  • Nicki Minaj#39;s new persona:

  • reden
    Mar 26, 06:30 PM
    Who honestly cares? Lame. I saw a black guy and a mexican guy chatting outside a bookstore yesterday. Let's focus on that.

    Nice dude, you really had to go there right? A good'ol racist comment.

    nicki minaj cartoon character. Question: Nicki Minaj Got Her

  • Question: Nicki Minaj Got Her

  • Full of Win
    Apr 1, 09:18 AM
    The channels that do not participate are just inching that much more toward obscurity.

    Just recently we cancelled the cable subscription (still have KylinTV IPTV) for lack of use. Only one TV show was watched per week, and that can be purchased on iTunes in a superior format to what we got via cable, for a fraction of the cost of cable.

    If my provider had an app like this, we would have stayed subscribed. Its arcane to sit down in front of a screen at a predetermined time to watch programming, it really is.

    Apr 6, 08:20 AM
    Xoom? I've never seen one of these mythical devices in the wild, despite the Engadget commenter horde's (read: Android astroturfer brigade) insistence that it was going to take over the world. :confused:

    Lesser Evets
    Apr 14, 01:34 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?

    Sep 27, 02:06 PM
    You know, I often see this posted on the forums, yet I can't think of any example in the past that proves it. Every version after a .9 that I know of has been the last of that series.

    Cheetah - 10.0.3 (I think)
    Puma - 10.1.5 (I think)
    Jaguar: 10.2.7
    Panther: 10.3.9
    Tiger: 10.4...:D

    Nov 21, 04:35 PM
    Here's my idea:

    Hook up that chip, and then just keep overclocking the thing... you don't have to worry about it overheating and melting, it'll just give you more battery life.

    It could go infinitely fast for infinitely long!

    There's probably something in there about conduction and efficiency and stuff, but I'll leave that to the engineers

    Sep 25, 10:30 PM
    why did they wait till now to worry about this?